All you need to know about Succulents

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All you need to know about Succulents

Succulents are the trendiest plants these days due to their diverse shapes, sizes and colors. The plants are so easy to care for and make them your pet plant to enhance your indoors and outdoors. They come from the arid areas of the world. Succulents are well known for their thick textured leaves and their water storing quality in their leaves. Although succulents are really easy to care for, here are a few tips to know more about succulents before bringing them home to make them live long.

Watering Succulents:

Unlike other thirsty plants, succulents do not like more of the water. Water them once a week and your plant is good to go, but make sure you water them when their soil is all dry. In the cooler region you can increase the number of times watering your succulent. But they are not watered regularly as they store water in their leaves and remain in moisture almost all the time.

Soil of Succulent Plant:

Succulents do require moisture but they hate being oversaturated no matter if you do soil by your own self or buy mixed soil for your succulent plant. You can also put small stones and pebbles as the proper growing medium for your plant.

Succulent Care:

Watering succulents and soil information is not enough to know about the diverse plant. Succulent needs two more thing to take care of them:

  • Sun: Succulent plants require sunlight of about 6 to 8 hours.
  • Fertilizer: succulent plants need fertilizers in spring. You should use a stable fertilizer with an equal and balanced amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Hardy Succulents versus Tropical Succulents:

It’s very important to have knowledge about the type of succulents as they require different weather to live in so check the labels of succulents attached on them before adding them as decorative pieces or bringing them home. Some succulents prefer warmer weather and some prefer northern gardens. Make sure you bring tender succulent plants as your house plants.

succulents in brown clay planters on top and growing out of the side

Gardening Succulents:

Do you know succulents love gardens? They fill up the garden space with their diverse textures and shapes and make the landscape look more beautiful. They attract new gardeners and pet plant lovers too as they are so easy to care for.

  • Containers: 

You can easily fill up your garden space by placing rectangular succulent containers in your garden and this is how it can add to your garden. The only requirement is to have drainage holes in the succulent containers as succulents hate being oversaturated.

  • Gardens:

Succulents are so perfect to plant in your garden to have a fresh environment all around with just a little care. You can plant your favorite type of succulents to beautify the overall look of your garden.

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